Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Wow just now went to facebook and found out that i actually had the same idea as dom(church leader)-"Whats the most difficult instrument to play? Second Violinist. Because everyone wants to be first violinist." it hit me a bit cause that's what i wanted to be a world class second violinist..although that might seem impossible but i'm still sticking on to that dream and i know that onw that it will come true^^. but now i'm now trying to find more dreams and the true purpose that God has planned for me.^^

Saturday, July 4, 2009

With Love and Dreams...

Today although i didn't go to church i learnt something while looking at the what's going on in the lives of my leaders and pastors. But before i say anyting i want to say sry the ppl whom i have let down unknowingly when i am down, however after today it shall never happen again. Because from today onwards instead of telling myself that i can't do stuff i shall begin to find out my true destiny in God and also my Dream, a Dream which shall lead me to my Destiny my true Purpose in God, and i believe that this Dream will keep me running to and with God and also to help build the Greatest Chuch i've known-Heart of God Church. And although they most likely can't see it but i want to congratulate Winniefred and WeiHong on becoming the new Worship Leaders of Heart o f God Church. In the name of Jesus i shall find this Dream soon!!!!^^

Thursday, July 2, 2009


sick and tired of my life....-.-'' But at least i have my friends who are there for me when i am up set thanks jos, mas(liyana), Mas(Aliya), sin, cordy thanks alot..^^love you all^^

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sometimes life..

Ok shall update due to complaints again..what shall i say...hmmm..Well it's going to be my holidays in 3days time and i'm gonna be having my zone camp next week wooohooo it's gonna be great as always..haha..and i've finally completed my twilight series which ends with Breaking Dawn..haha it's the best series ever love it^^..but nowadays not very sure what to do especially when i got home from school everyday...haiz...shall think of something...oh and i took up archery and realised that it's quite fun..haha and challenging to..not as easy as it seems..well not sure what to write already..that shall be it for today bye everyone^^ Cheers Andrew^^

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Day when...

Haha today was my Nafa test..yes i still have nafa-.-''...but was quite happy though cause i got the 30th place out of the 300+ people haha happy lah...not very sure of my timing though cause need to wait for next week to confirm...but quite sad cause i have few things which i failed due to not training but nvm lah since this one is something like a trial i shall train more then go try to get silver next year so that i can skip the extra 2months of NS BMT...muahahaha..that's all for today shall update again another time-Cheers Andrew

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Day when...

Haiz......speechless...not going to say ANYTHING today since i seriously really have no mood...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

God loves everyone..

Woohoo..just got back from one of the best concert ever which is performed by Red Rain and had learnt alot today too..YES!!! Although i injured two of my right knuckles while helping out just now and its pretty swollen right now but i still thoroughly enjoyed myself. I did take the photo which i promised but it's in polaroid so i can't upload it into my blog. Another thing which i gotten in this concert is the drumstick which Michael Turner used during the concert haha...although i missed the chance to get them to help me to sign it but i shall keep it till next year and get them to sign it...haha...make it more memorable..XD Well can't think of anything else to write so i shall continue tomorrow since i have school..Cheers everyone^^ Andrew^^